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Why its important to give back to Society

Social Work is one of my favorite things which I used to do with lots of Intrest, I started doing this for my own Happiness & while doing this I found that this gives happiness to both. 

The journey for the last 2 years. I was never thought about doing this kind of thing & helping people but, I was doing my work & my Couching friend calls me and asks me to meet I was like ok, we met at his home & he asked me Introduced me to his friends & he asks me that are you Interested in doing Soicla Activates & helping people, in just Fraction of Second I said he yes, I am Interested. They had just started the Club & they were full of Energy, So he offered me to Join the Club as A Board Member & Contribute my Time & my Knowledge.

I Agreed with him & I Joined the Club It is None other than Astute Club. After this, we started keep meeting frequently & Discussing how we can do something out of the Box, and which can create an impact on society. After joining this Club I did some Mejor Changes like creating a Social Presence on all platforms & making people join the Groups & so on and so far. I made this organization Public & known to people. After doing these changes we are being recognized by the People.

One of the Board members suggested that we should be doing a Tree Plantation at various institutions, So we all get agreed to it & Started Planing the entire event. The First event was organized at the Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul Organization Solapur branch. We planted 150+ saplings over there & at Local Schools as well we planted the saplings.

While doing this I got to know that giving back to Society is not Just Social Work But our Responsibility. 

After Doing these Events at many institutions, and Meeting Children from those Schools. I was not Satisfied, Because I was just Wondering what about those who can’t afford to be at these Big institutions, Those who don’t have their Parents, and Those who can’t even get the Basic things that we get at our just Early stage itself, just because we have our parents, just because we can afford it, Just because are Privileged to have those things in our life.

I am Person who believes in equality & Collective Efforts for Inclusive Growth, So I decided to do something for those Children. The movement I dropped the Message to on the Board Members Group, & I Gave the Proper Agenda Reg. the Event, We had a Meetings & other Discussion with Culb Members, and came to the Conclusion of that we are going make it. 

So, we started Apporching many NGOs many of them even Didn’t Respond to us & some responded they are not matching with our vibes & they wanted Money in form of Donations if even we want to do something for their Organization. So, my aim was clear that we are not going to do the Contribution in the form of Money.

While doing these I got to Know about the Prathna Foundation held by Prasad Mohite, he was a very kind person who Operates the NGO, When we Met him at his home, We Showed him the Agenda & the Event, at the End without any further due he, Agreed to our Plan & with miner Changes we Decided to Make it.

After a few days on 20thSep 21, We Organized the Event. It was my First Publicly Hosted Event where Each and everything was new to me as well as to our Team members. Hosting this event has its own Story, Which I will tell you in Upcoming posts.

At the End of the day when The Event is Finished, I was much happier than ever, Just because of those Littel Cute Children Happy faces & the Entire vibe was just next level. The Happens which you only feel when you Do or Experience these kinds of Events by Yourself.

One thing If I have to tell is that always Involve in some kind of Social Activity, It has its own Benefits.
Our Contribution to Society

Thank you.:)

Shivraj Patil 


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