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From Networking to Narcissism: How LinkedIn has evolved into a platform for sympathy seeking and emotional exhibition

History of LinkedIn LinkedIn was founded in December 2002 by Reid Hoffman, Allen Blue, Konstantin Guericke, Eric Ly, and Jean-Luc Vaillant. The company was officially launched in May 2003, and it quickly grew in popularity as a way for professionals to connect with one another and build their personal and professional networks. In 2011, LinkedIn went public and became the first social media company to do so. Since then, LinkedIn has continued to grow and evolve, introducing new features and tools to help professionals connect and succeed in their careers. In 2016, Microsoft Corporation acquired LinkedIn for $26.2 billion. Today, LinkedIn is the largest professional networking platform in the world with over 740 million members, and is available in over 200 countries and territories. Purpose of LinkedIn LinkedIn is a social media platform primarily used for professional networking and job searching. Users can create a profile, connect with other professionals, and search for job opportu
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Unlock Your Potential: The Transformative Power of Finding a Mentor

Are you feeling stuck in your career or personal life? Do you struggle to reach your full potential? If so, you're not alone. Many people find themselves in this position, feeling like they lack the knowledge, skills, or connections to achieve their goals. However, there is a solution that can help you overcome these challenges and reach your full potential: finding a mentor.  A mentor is someone who has the experience and knowledge to guide and support you on your journey. They can provide valuable advice and insights, as well as connect you with the right people and resources. A mentor can also help you develop the skills and confidence needed to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals.  Without guidance and support, it can be difficult to navigate the challenges and obstacles that stand in the way of success. Without a mentor, individuals may feel lost and uncertain about how to achieve their goals. It's easy to get caught up in the day-to-day and lose sight of the bigger

Why its important to give back to Society

Social Work is one of my favorite things which I used to do with lots of Intrest, I started doing this for my own Happiness & while doing this I found that this gives happiness to both.  The journey for the last 2 years. I was never thought about doing this kind of thing & helping people but, I was doing my work & my Couching friend calls me and asks me to meet I was like ok, we met at his home & he asked me Introduced me to his friends & he asks me that are you Interested in doing Soicla Activates & helping people, in just Fraction of Second I said he yes, I am Interested. They had just started the Club & they were full of Energy, So he offered me to Join the Club as A Board Member & Contribute my Time & my Knowledge. I Agreed with him & I Joined the Club It is None other than Astute Club . After this, we started keep meeting frequently & Discussing how we can do something out of the Box, and which can create an impact on society. After jo

Life is all about Exploring New Things

As we grew up we get to know that the things that are told & Taught in School are a lot different from reality.  Many of us think that Travelling & Exploring new things is the waste of time & money. But, get new experiences, meet new people, Understanding the world and how they think. These are some basic things that we get to know when we start Exploring & getting out of the Comffertzone. As I experienced that if you get out of your comfort zone & scratch yourself to meet new people, keeping aside your ego. Will benefit you much more than just being in comfort & thinking that Travelling & Exploring is a waste.  I am a person who is always curious to meet new people & Understand other's Points of view. The actual Exploring started in Lockdown. Thanks to Internet & Virtual meeting system. I have been a part of a Deepstash Community for more than Year. they have made a really good system to meet new & creative people from various places of the

The Story of Adding Values

In recent times I have invested a lot of time in  to make something Out of the Box. Here is just a small overview of my current project in which I am working.  One Line Description:  The Problem of UnBias Information in this world of the Internet. How did I start the Adding Values ? A year ago just I have to go through some YouTube Videos, News Articles & doing some research via these Internet sources, Sometimes I saw that the Information which is been shown & told are not been able to Digest. Because somewhere I felt theses Info which has shown & told are somewhat Bias, it was been very difficult to find the genuine Information in this world of Internet. The Plan of Action: Before this, I was providing the information via two different websites (One for Book Reviews & factual content. And the other provides the tech info) When I used to do research for the above Platforms many times I get stuck because of the issue of Bias Information. So I again did

The Day When I Met Sadguru for the First time

When you meet a Person with a Huge Positive aura you feel Connected with him & A lot Blessed with Spirituality.  Today I was just laying on my bed I get a Message from my Saying that Sadguru is Coming to Solapur for the Cause of Save Soil & Trust me when is Shaw this I was just Shocked. But this was not over, he told me that Sadguru is Coming but I where is going to Stay or Make the Event. We have no Idea. So, Now I have to Confirm that is he Coming or Not & Where is going to Interact with the Volunteer. So, I called One of my Volunteer friends asking When & where Sadguru is Coming & Interact with the Volunteer. What He told was Completely Shocking for me, He Told me That Sadguru Came to Solapur Yesterday only & I asked him & where they are Stying? He told me that They are Hotel Balaji Sarovar. And this was more shocking for me Because that Hotel is just 2min Walk from My house. My Friend told me that Sadguru Is Leaving at 10:30 from Solapur. I & M

How I got 30%+ Returns in Stock Market

I have been in my 11th and I used to be the Lazy Boy who doesn’t Fill the Water Bottle. as I don’t like to study Academic lot. So I wanted to do Something brainstorming, so I went on Google and Searched for “Best Book to Start Reading” the first suggestion is “RICH DAD, POOR DAD”. I went on amazon and ordered the book. The next day Evening I got the book. So as I started to read it, I loved the book a lot, but the catch was I hate Maths & its Formula but for the First time I loved the Finance book. after that my Journey Toward the STOCK MARKET keep on going, I Did invest lots of Time in Gaining knowledge about the stock market via many sources; Books, YouTube & Podcasts. I Never Enrolled in a paid course, Just I knew that any course or any person can’t make me good in Stock Market. “No One will share their Secret, Even not Me” So, What do you have to do Now?, Just grab the Book. Research about it on Google & Collect ever use full matter you get for free. In my Journey, I ma