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The Theory of Money and Happiness: Understanding the 99.9% and 0.01%

Money, a piece of paper. which is valued much more than anything. It is the only way to get what you want. and a lot much you can do in this world if you have that piece of paper in your wallet or a bank Account.

So, what actual issue with the money. As if you have been through some great Business man/women in Their talks, books & quotes, etc. they keep mentioning one thing which bothers me a lot. They keep talking about money, and how it is overrated. one of the common lines you may see or Listen that money can’t buy Happiness. So, don’t rush behind money just live your life. Enjoy it, it will give you happiness.

But, what happens if that person starts losing his money, definitely that guy A Rich Business Man/Woman will get crazy. or Just tell them to give all their wealth to charity & make this statement true by living a life on Limited Money, can that person, there is absolutely no way that he or she gone do that. And start living the life of the common man, It is also because now they got used to that lifestyle where early morning when they woke up, one of the assistants will be there to give them bead tea/ coffee & another to put a blazer on them. so they can't afford that loss. many so-called rich people take a Hug amount of debt to just keep on their lifestyle even after they are not doing any profit or getting bankruptcy.

So, the Point is that every person who gives this Happy Life Philosophy. they are Rich or might be pretending to be, But the point is Money plays the Important role in each and every person's life. you can’t just say it can't buy happiness or Like that. see whatever research shows about money it is not for all. so the Reality is that you Know that if you have the money you can do 99.9% of things to give you Happiness. But .01% has an Impact over the 99.9%.

Understanding the Theory of 99.9% & 0.01%:

The truth is that money can buy happiness, but only up to a certain point. This point is what we call 0.01%. It includes the elements of relationships, love, attachment, feelings, emotions, and giving back to society. These elements cannot be bought with money, and they have a significant impact on our overall happiness.

On the other hand, 99.9% of things that money can buy include all the materialistic pleasures that one can imagine. However, it is essential to note that one cannot depend entirely on these pleasures to be happy. It is the balance between materialistic pleasures and intangible elements that create a happy and fulfilling life.

And I don’t mean that there is no Business man who lives a Normal, Common man Life, we have a great example in front of us, Sir Ratan Tata. And he is not Businessman but a True Patriotic Person Legendary Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam. These are just two examples to give you the Tip of the iceberg.

It is possible to live a life Happy & Joy full life with Sufficient money. But the thing is that you should take this Philosophy from the People who are actually living that kind of life & Setting an Example in front of society & the World. Not from the people who give the Happy Life Philosophy in Morning & in Night party on Yacht. It is not about their Life & we should not point it out personally but, as an Individual, you must understand the irony in it.

In the end it's Up to you & I know one thing, the Theory I mentioned above of 99.9% & 0.01% if you Crack it then you got it, man.

Thank You.

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Note that All the Opinions are Personal to Me (Shivraj Patil) I don't care what you think about it, because it is your Opinion. So if you Like my thought Prosess work on it Or Leave it & Do what you want.

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