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Lessons Learned from Starting a Business with Teachers

I was just sixteen years old when I began my journey into the world of business. Being completely new to this field and coming from a family with no experience in big ventures, I felt like a tiny fish in an ocean of possibilities. Nevertheless, I was determined to learn and grow, and little did I know that the opportunity would present itself soon enough.

After completing my 10th-grade exams, I found myself with a lot of free time on my hands. The COVID-19 pandemic had just started, and everyone was trying to adjust to the new normal. During this time, I found myself chatting with one of my English teachers on the phone. We built a good rapport over the years, and we hit it off by discussing our shared interests.

As we chatted more frequently over the coming weeks, we stumbled upon an idea that we thought would be worth pursuing. We wanted to create a community platform called "Solapuri Bana," which would cater to the people of Solapur City by publishing digital news and updates on COVID-19. Essentially, we wanted to start our own media publication house.

But we knew that we needed more than just the two of us to make it happen. So, I approached another teacher who was also a close friend of mine. He was a humble person, and I knew that he would be an asset to our team. To my delight, he agreed to join us, and we started working on our dream project.

As a firm believer in execution, I wasted no time in getting things started. We decided that our revenue would come from advertising and sponsorships, and we began working towards that goal. However, things started to take a turn for the worse when the first teacher I started this venture with began to backstab us.

We had no formal agreements or contracts, just three people running a WhatsApp group with over 600 members. Our agreement was to earn money from advertising and sponsors, but this person started putting ads in the group without our consent. This continued for over a month, and he didn't tell us anything about it. When I confronted him, he started giving me orders like a boss.

As a result of his behaviour, the venture began to experience difficulties, and after a few weeks, our collaboration fell apart. Ultimately, the venture came to an end. But from this experience, I learned some valuable lessons. I realized that success comes not only from having an excellent idea but also from proper planning and execution. It is essential to work with people who share the same vision and ethics as you and to have proper documentation in place to avoid misunderstandings and conflicts.

Looking back, I can see that this experience was a defining moment in my life. It taught me the value of perseverance and the importance of building a strong network of like-minded people. And while our venture may not have succeeded, it opened doors to other opportunities that I would not have explored otherwise.

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Please note that all opinions expressed are personal to me (Shivraj Patil). I respect your right to have your own opinions, and I may not necessarily agree with them. If you find value in my thought process, feel free to incorporate it into your own work. However, if you do not agree with my opinions, that is completely fine, and you are free to pursue your own path. 

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