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The Story of Adding Values

In recent times I have invested a lot of time in to make something Out of the Box.

Here is just a small overview of my current project in which I am working. 

One Line Description: The Problem of UnBias Information in this world of the Internet.

How did I start the Adding Values?

A year ago just I have to go through some YouTube Videos, News Articles & doing some research via these Internet sources, Sometimes I saw that the Information which is been shown & told are not been able to Digest. Because somewhere I felt theses Info which has shown & told are somewhat Bias, it was been very difficult to find the genuine Information in this world of Internet.

The Plan of Action:

Before this, I was providing the information via two different websites (One for Book Reviews & factual content. And the other provides the tech info) When I used to do research for the above Platforms many times I get stuck because of the issue of Bias Information. So I again did the Research for the same thing I started wondering “HOW CAN I FEEL THIS GAP” and I got the idea of something which can be fully Trusted & there’ll be no Bias Information. So I planned the entire thing that how we should be working to be UnBias.

How we are Going to Solve the Problem: 

We are going to Work on the “FSD” Model (F= Free | S= Subscription | D= Donation)

As we are committed to giving Knowledge to the free World with the UnBias things, the Reality is that it becomes Much More difficult to run the organization without money for that purpose we are working on the Model called ”FSD”. 

Free Model:

Our Site will be always free for all & with Genuine Information, everyone can access the Website at no cost. you have all the Benefits of a Free Plan.

Subscription Model:

Here we will be charging a Little bit of Amount & Provide you with the all Benefits of the Subscription Plan*

Donation Model:

This Model is for all. You get a Link just at the end of the Article to Donate to the Author/ Organisation you can do the Contribution of the amount which you can Bear there will be no Condition applied it is all up to you.

*This money will be used to build the UnBias Organisation & the money which is contributed in the Form of a Donation to the Author is given to the Author as per the Agreement.

How I got the Name:

One thing that always triggered me by Aman Dhattarwal & other creators which I used to follow, is that you should be Adding Values to other's Life & Contributing to Society. So I decided why should not keep the Name called “Adding Values” After that, I started looking for a Domain but I Couldn’t get .com So again I started to think of giving something creative & Suitable domain. I came across the suggestion of.XYZ So, I purchased the  Just because it was making a great combination of the name.

At the End of this, I Just would like to mention that, This is just the beginning of the we have a far way to go.

“Every Startup Needs Money but Every Startup Needs the Much More Time & Interest rather than Money” -Shivraj Patil

Those hectic meetings and notes and planning things 

Thank You­čÖĆ­čĆ╗

Shivraj Patil.:)



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