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How I got 30%+ Returns in Stock Market

I have been in my 11th and I used to be the Lazy Boy who doesn’t Fill the Water Bottle. as I don’t like to study Academic lot. So I wanted to do Something brainstorming, so I went on Google and Searched for “Best Book to Start Reading” the first suggestion is “RICH DAD, POOR DAD”. I went on amazon and ordered the book. The next day Evening I got the book.

So as I started to read it, I loved the book a lot, but the catch was I hate Maths & its Formula but for the First time I loved the Finance book. after that my Journey Toward the STOCK MARKET keep on going, I Did invest lots of Time in Gaining knowledge about the stock market via many sources; Books, YouTube & Podcasts. I Never Enrolled in a paid course, Just I knew that any course or any person can’t make me good in Stock Market. “No One will share their Secret, Even not Me”

So, What do you have to do Now?, Just grab the Book. Research about it on Google & Collect ever use full matter you get for free. In my Journey, I made many Mentors like @CA Rachana Phadke Ranade @Ankur Warikoo @Prasad Lendwe @Pranjal Kamra & many others. I got to learn many things about STOCK MARKET.

I have been Investing In Stock Market for the last 2years & I am getting a 25% - 30% ROI.

As Many Investor says that, to make a green Coloured Portfolio you have to give time to Stocks to make Proper Returns. And as far I have been given 2 years & I kept investing consistently every Month a Fixed amount “SIP”. (SIP but my own SIP in SmallCase)

The fact that I want to share is that every time I Buy the share it uses falls like hell, literally every time. Many times I made mistakes of selling the stocks when it falls, I used to get panic & I sell them out. & the worst thing I used to do is that. I woke up early take a bath & started the Stock Market news & Side by side I used to stare at the Prices of stocks & Charts very badly from 09:15 am to 3:30pm.

The Returns which I see now & the green Portfolio, Exactly back 2 years from now it used to look worst & it turned into Red. And I have seen my Portfolio showing -30% to -35% I was making a loss from the socks. But I had a leaf of Faith, that I did the Full study of these stocks, I did Check the Fundaments & Balance sheet of it & many other Aspects.

So, here is what I see now is the exact opposite of that. With 30% of return.

Some Basic Tips (Without reviling my Secret):

  1. Always do your own Study of the stocks.
  2. Diversify the investment.
  3. Always be ready for losses. (in starting phase & until the market crashes)
  4. Don’t get Panic.
  5. Invest monthly. (Fixed amount will help in Power of Compounding)
  6. Start as soon as possible.
  7. Don’t take a Risk, Take A Calculated Risk.
  8. Never Buy on Tip.
  9. invest potential stocks (like basic amenities which you know are used by every person).
  10. Always rebalance as per your study.
  11. Invest the money and don't look it till the next SIP alert comes.
  12. Invest more time to Understand the Stock Market & Then invest More Money in it.

That's it for this Article, In the Future, I Might share how to Diversify the investment. Till Then, Keeping Visiting the blog & Sharing with needy People Make sure to Drop the Comment Below.

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­čśŐHappy Learning­čôÜ

This is your Host, signing off

Shivraj Patil.:)


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