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I have been reading self-help, Entrepreneurship, Finance & Likewise books for more than 3 years now and I have seen a lot of changes in my life.

I always believe that books are more than just a book. It's a journey you're going on with the book, it's like having an imaginary friend in your head who gives you advice and helps you out in every situation.

I Always prefer Physical Book rather than an e-book, If possible then I even buy a HardCopy of the book. Because it gives the proper feel of a book, I personally feel connected to the book when I have a Physical copy of the book.

A physical book has another advantage over an e-book: You can highlight passages or make notes in the margins or underline important passages right there on your page, which makes it easy to refer back to them later when you need them again. (You can do it in e-book as well but the thing is don’t give the feel)

I have one Habit 99.5% of the books I read the entire book, many people say that you can even read a book by directly jumping to important Chapters. but I differ to the point Because when you're reading a book like “Show your Work” this book has interlinking on every page you read, if you directly jump to Ch-9 without reading Ch-1 then you might miss many things & you may not understand it properly.

I mentioned 99.5% so their exception of 0.5% is there because the book like “Intelligent Investor” you can jump to the Ch-10 directly & you can start reading because it has different Content over there, Another best Example of “Do Epic Shit” on every page you get different content so you can read any page without knowing Front & Back.

But, I would like to suggest you read the entire book, Exception of 0.5%.e

“What Works for you, Works For You”

When you read a book and then go back later to re-read certain parts of the book, it's like having a conversation with the author: You've got their attention and they're giving you their best ideas and thoughts on that topic.

Books help you to gain an immense level of knowledge by reading different types of books by different Authors.

You can’t gain more Experiences in your life if you just start exploring right now because we just have One Life & Limited Time. But if you Start Reading books then you can the all the Experiences that Author had in life or in Which he/ she Shared in the Book. if you even read 12 Books a year & 1 Book a Month. then you are Get 12 new different life Experiences & Aspect of life (Prefer the Self-help, Entrepreneurship, Finance & likewise. These books have Real & Honest Stories). So, books help you to look at yourself from Different life Aspects.

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"The right books show the right path for you"

Thank You:)

Shivraj Patil


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