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Reality of Coaching

I have been in coaching for 2 Years, To do my NEET Preparation. I have been going to the Popular Local Coaching class in my city.

I have Enrolled in the Batch in the Period of Covid-19 & As you all know the thing of Online classes, its was not that good the way I wanted & expected. But I adjusted myself because it was new to all its been 1year but what I wanted to learn & get educated to crack NEET & the level of teaching which is needed to deliver us has not been done. Every time we used to raise this issue they used to say that this is a common problem & they used to pass on the topic.

One thing why our parents put in any classes is because they have seen the Poster of that classes with the student who did best in the exam and the FunFact is that you can see that Student on every popular class Poster. & even you may see that student repeatedly if any other student hasn’t done better than the previous one.

Coaching classes give you many hopes when you are going to join their Institution & they make sure that our Parents get Agreed to the point & they don’t even consider students point even if they do then they will just say YES to all your questions. But the problem starts when your batch starts & after 2 weeks, they start to show their true Colour. In all Coaching Institute, they run two Main Batch which is completely different than what you are Enrolled in, And There are Rankers & Bankers Batch. just with the name, you can Understand what they are.

Rankers Batch: It is a batch of Top students which are selected after the 2 weeks of your enrolment, usually they take a test Normal Class test & start filtering the students according to their Marks & Rank, This Process of filtering the students keeps on going till the exam & just a Month before they take these students completely away from the normal batch and give them all the extra Educational things which a normal student won’t get. So, Basically, these students are probably those who are going to be Put on the big banners & posters & we get into the trap.

Bankers Batch: If I have to tell you one thing then it is exactly opposite to what I mentioned above. you are will be a student who is filtered out & you are funding the Institution to run & these funds are used to give extra Educational things to top students & invested in big banners & posters.

So, what is the solution to this Problem:

  1. Take a Demo lecture before Joining.
  2. Do your own research about it & ask the students of that particular Coaching.
  3. The most important thing is that are you able to understand what they are Teaching.

So, this was my experience of Coaching & not only in NEET but in all other Competitive exams & in most of the coaching classes.

But, these are my soul opinion & There are many coaching where all students are treated equally.

"Note: I don't have any intention to hurt or trage any coaching or Institution these are my won opinion which I faced in my life."

Let, Me know what was your Experience In a Coaching & how was it…:)

A Pic after the Biology class in the Morning "Having a tea".

Shivraj Patil


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